Mower four major advantages

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

Mower advantage one, high efficiency: the general per lawn mower, the daily mowing 8 × 667m2 or more, its effect is quite artificial weeding (0.5 × 667m2 daily) 16 times.

Mower Advantages Second, the benefits of good: because the lawn mower rotation speed, the orchard weed cutting effect, especially for high tenderness of the weed cutting better. Generally weeding 3 times a year, the basic can meet the requirements of weeding.

Mower three advantages, to maintain soil and water: artificial hoe weeding, due to weeding at the same time loosening the topsoil, it will often cause a certain soil erosion, artificial slaughter in the ladder, resulting in soil erosion will be more serious. And the use of lawn mower weeding, because only cut off the ground part of the weeds, the soil surface almost no effect, coupled with the grass-roots solid soil effect, to maintain water and soil is very favorable.

Mower advantage four, increase fertility: the use of lawn mower weeding, until the weeds grow to a certain height before proceeding, cut off a large number of weeds can cover the orchard, but also when the orchard organic fertilizer, increase soil fertility.

Use: suitable for plains, hills, terraces, orchards, triangular land and other large plots of reeds, alfalfa, fish grass and other types of weeds, simple operation, high efficiency, (mainly refers to the backpack mower).

The use of lawn mower technical points. Use mowing weeding to weeds grow to 10-13 cm when the effect is better. If the weeds grow too high, should be carried out in two steps, first cut the upper part, and then cut the lower part. When using the lawn mower, keep your hands in hand and keep a certain inclination on the side of the fruit tree so that the cut weeds fall as far as possible on the edge of the fruit. Open the throttle, uniform speed, can save fuel consumption and improve work efficiency.

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