Garden machinery winter maintenance

Time:2021-10-26 00:00:00

Winter maintenance
When storing for more than 30 days or more:
First, let go of the fuel in the tank and start the gasoline engine until it is shut down due to fuel depletion;
Second, just off the heat machine in the state, first let go of the crankcase of oil, and then according to the recommended level of filling the new oil in the appropriate scale;
Third, remove the spark plug, drip into the cylinder 5-10 ml of oil, turn the crankshaft a few laps, fitted with spark plugs;
Fourth, clean the knife, body, cylinder, cylinder head heat sink, windshield, net cover and muffler around the dust and debris;
Fifth, save.
Muffler blue smoke
The above fault is caused by the combustion of the oil. Find the fault after the first check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is excessive. Such as excessive, let go of excess oil and then run ten minutes. If the fault persists, the engine needs to be serviced.
Heat engine start difficult
The above fault is due to the burning chamber stuffy. If you encounter the fault, you should remove the spark plug and dry (pay attention to anti-hot), and then pull the rope several times, and then install the spark plug, start the engine.
Lawn machine scissors weak
Remove the air filter and clean it if it is not cleared. Check whether the blade is sharp, if more blunt need to be polished. In addition, whether the lawn is thick and thick, and if so, the shearing size should be increased to reduce the load on the engine.
Refueling too much
Oil in the cylinder on the mechanical parts of the lubrication, is through the role of oil splash wheel, constantly splashing the oil, the mechanical parts of the cleaning, lubrication, cooling, if too much filling the oil but will cause A lot of emulsification and bubbles, but also can not splash the oil, which can not play the role of lubrication, so that the cylinder temperature. So the lawnmower in the use of the process can not be too much filling oil. There are several reasons for the difficulty of starting the lawnmower engine. What is the problem? What is the difficulty of starting the engine is a complicated problem, from the three aspects of oil, gas and electricity, because these conditions are necessary for the engine work. Less.
First, the spark plug spark discharge effect is a reason, need to adjust the spark plug gap or replace the new spark plug; Secondly, the normal gear and magnetic motor caused by the ignition vector is not accurate, which requires the demolition of the engine to re-adjust; Meet the specifications of gasoline or gasoline deterioration, impure, this time must be replaced with gasoline; there is a possibility that is due to air filter blockage lead to air intake difficulties, requiring timely cleaning and replacement of air filters.

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