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Hedgerow shears, also known as hedge shears, for tea pruning, parks, gardens, roadside hedges and other landscaping professional pruning.

Hedgerower classification: hedge trimmer with manual manpower simple machine, hand-held small gasoline engine, hand-held electric, large car.
Generally speaking, hedge trimmer is to rely on small gasoline engine driven blade cutting rotation, the current hedge machine sub-single hedge trimmer, and double-edged hedge trimmer.
Product Introduction
Hedger machine structure: gasoline tank - oil system; magnetic motor - circuit system; engine - power system, exhaust pipe, gear box, chain saw blade and other components.
(2) engine cover; (3) exhaust pipe guard; (4) exhaust pipe; (5) fuel tank; (6) filter; (7) Carburetor; (8) cylinder; (9) piston ring and piston; (10) gear box.
The main line is located at the rear of the machine, the front handle is mounted on the front of the machine shell, and the main handle is installed in the front of the machine. The main handle is located at the rear of the machine. And the front handle is rotatable at an angle, characterized in that the main handle is connected to the machine body by means of a telescopic rod and is connected to the machine body by means of a rotary mechanism at the connection between the main handle and the telescopic rod or the telescopic rod The sides of the machine also include a pair of side handles, the two side handles are also connected by telescopic rods and installed by the telescopic mechanism on the machine, connected to the machine through the rotation mechanism, the operator can use the custom and select the handle Grip mode, rotation angle and telescopic length, simple operation, convenient, high efficiency, while the packaging size is small.
Hedgerower Uses: Hedgerow machine has good durability, can be used as a professional business pruning, compared with the ordinary hedge trimmer, start very light, before and after the handle, the operation is very simple and convenient, wide range of applications, can be equipped with a variety of tools. Brush is a good helper garden decoration, with a small size, light weight, strong and powerful, is the occupation of the first designated brand!

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