How to safely operate the lawn mower

Time:2021-10-25 00:00:00

1. Mowing, do not barefoot or wear sandals, generally should wear work clothes and work shoes.
2. Familiar with the operation process, carefully read the lawnmower brochure, know that in an emergency, the timely closure of the engine.
3. Make sure there are no sticks on the grass, stones, wires and other debris, so that the lawn of the lawn blade to throw them to hurt.
4. When removing obstacles, checking or servicing the lawn mower, be sure to turn off the engine and unplug the spark cover.
5. Carefully check the various parts before use to ensure that the lawnmower blade is firmly connected to the lawn mower. To complete the replacement of old and damaged blades or screws, so as not to cause the machine running is not smooth. Damaged blades and screws are dangerous.
6. Always check all nuts, screws and screws to ensure that the lawn mower is in safe working condition.
7. You can add fuel only outdoors and before starting the engine. Do not smoke when refueling the engine. When the engine is running or the temperature is high, do not open the fuel tank cover or refuel. If the fuel spills, do not start the engine, but place the lawnmower away from the grease position until the fuel evaporates to avoid fire.
8. In the place of mowing if someone, especially a child or pet, do not mowing.
9. Replace the bad or faulty silencer.
10. In the good weather when the mowing.
11. When starting the engine, the feet are not too close to the lawnmower blade.
12. Do not use the machine in places where the exhaust emissions are poor, so as not to cause waste gas (carbon monoxide) contamination.
13. Just leave the lawn mower and turn off the engine.
14. Do not let the child or the person who is not familiar with the machine use the lawn mower.
15. The machine should be placed in a well-ventilated room and away from the open fire.
16. Do not artificially adjust the governor, so that the engine speed is too high. Overspeed operation is very dangerous and will shorten the life of the lawnmower.
17. Wear eye protection when operating the lawn mower.
18. Cut the grass to reduce the throttle. When the engine is not used, turn off the fuel switch.
19. The oil should be stored in a specially loaded container and placed in a cool place. Do not use plastic containers in general.
20. When one of the following conditions occurs, turn off the engine, unplug the spark plug and check the lawn mower: (1) the mahogany does not vibrate properly (2) touch the external object
twenty one. Do not mow when you go down.
twenty two. When the trolley passes the stone lane, the sidewalk, the road turns off the engine.
twenty three. Work should slowly push the lawn mower forward, travel speed not too fast.
twenty four. When sloping land, do not be low when low. Be especially careful when turning on the slope. Do not mow on very steep slopes.
25. Do not lift or move the lawn mower when you are mowing.
26. There is a mower lawn mower, do not use the lawn mower when there is no installed straw box.

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